This one, is the right one!

From its last generation TM-8500 available, five years have passed. More than 80,000 units were sold before the last demodulator chip was used out. What did we do to make it so popular? We think it's one word: simple. It's super easy to use.

Now, the improved new generation succeeds to come true, with more practical features, but it is still very very easy to use.

Well-designed Hardware

We have been pursuing the perfect product. Before the final product was finished, three versions had been tried.

We keep the good part, fix the bad part, add the better parts, and make them work well. Every point has its value to make the whole product better.

A good product will take years to plan, and months to design.

LCD Display

TM-8511 still uses segment LCD, which has the best display effect in both the day and the night.At day time, the screen reflects the bright light from the bottom, then let the graph and text on screen looks sharp and clear. While at night time, the light from the back of the screen illuminates the entire screen.
All of the segments of the display are well designed. We make sure the screen can show more valuable information and keep clear and easy to understand. Finally, we got this model, which shows information that is several times more than the previous generation model.

In particular, we added an icon to the screen, named "OK or BACK", which makes a lot of complicated operations easier to understand.

DiSEqC Switch

It's very natural to use: enter by OK key, exit by OK key. Especially, we designed a new icon to mark the state of current setting, if the signal of satellite can pass through a switch.

Both DiSEqC1.0 and DiSEqC1.1 are supported by this model. This feature makes remote testing possible. Whether it's a 4-port switch, 8-port switch or 16 port switch, you can get the right signal freely.

We designed 4 arrows on the screen too, it's quite clear to use this function with the tip of witch.

Turning Motor

TM-8511 can drive the motor for dish to turn to any position.
Press and hold the M key, the screen will show "motor", M for Motor this time. The best design is on the ◄/► key: there are two ways to operate it, but zero cost for users to learn it. When users press ◄/► key for the first time, they will find out the motor is turning while the key is pressed. At the same time, the screen also displays animation. This is the 1st way. Then they will hold the key for much longer next time, to see what happens. The result is: after a beep is heard, the motor will keep turning even after the key is releasd. That's the second way exactly.

The screen of TM-8511 is made up of segments, so we have to find out a special way to make the operating easy to master. Finnaly we did it.

Short circuit protecting

TM-8511 use the best way to implement the protecting function of short circuit. It takes only 5 microseconds from a short circuit is detected to turning off the output power.

At the same time, the software will not only let the buzzer alarm like "Beep beep beep", but also display "LNB error or short circuit" on the screen.

Edit Database

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it's a full set of operations for editting. Those functions allow uses control the database in detail.

Auto Sleep

When the meter starts counting down for standby, it will make special alarm like "Beep beep". Users have 10 seconds to cancel it by pressing any key. By default, there are 10 minutes from the last time any key is pressed to the counting down starts. User can set the time to other value by press the key with gear icon, even to disable this function by setting the value to zero. In this case, the screen will show " ∞ " instead of "0".

User can cancel the counting down, adjust the time, disable or enable the function. That's a full set of operations too.

What's the points


  • Third generation segment LCD display
  • With small arrows on screen as tips
  • Enable dialog mode on screen
  • Dedicated port used to transfer data
  • Support power output for turning motor
  • Short-circuit protect at interrupt level
  • Supper long standby time up to 140 days


  • Supports up to 9 satellites
  • Supports up to 256 transponders in all
  • Full function for editing transponders
  • Supports DiSEqC1.0/1.1 switch
  • Supports DiSEqC1.2 dish motor
  • Flexible auto-sleep function
  • Enable on line editing database by PC


  • Classic portable hand-held case
  • Newly designed giftbox
  • User manual in English with how-to style
  • Custom your logo on housing (MOQ: 500)
  • Supports upgrading software and database
  • Data cable for distributor (optional)
  • Car charger with spring cable

Focus to Final Target

More than five years of design experience.
Top design concept is injected into our product.
More than 10 professional meters are sold around the globe.
Now, the new model is ready to start its jouney to create wealth

for you.

Main Feature List

Each one is well designed.


Segment LCD display showing clearly during both daytime and night
With small arrows on screen for easier operation


Up to 9 satellites and 256 transponders in all
Up to 99 transponders for each satellite


Read modulation infor from signal locked and check the correctness
Read signal strength, quality in percent and signal power in dBuV


Supports 2LNBs and 4LNBs DiSEqC1.0 switch
Supports 8LNBs and 16LNBs DiSEqC1.0 switch


With output power to turn dish (DiSEqC1.2)
Very easy to operate the motor turning


Full functions for editing transponder: editing, adding and deleting
Restore to factory default settings with confirm dialog


Auto-sleep function, can be adjusted or disabled by user
Counting down for auto-sleep can be canceled by pressing any key


Dedicated key for backlight switch
Dedicated key for mute state of buzzer

WHY do we recommend this ONE?

  • Portable, easy to be accepted by user
  • Simple, easy to master it by user
  • Stable, easy for after-sales service
  • Sensitive, MCU is 6 times faster than the last generation
  • Flexible, works well with all kinkds of DiSEqC switch
  • Powerful, with the ablility to turn dish motorm easily

Suggested retail price: $ 99.00

A machine you should not miss....

In the past five years, we have been collecting feedback of TM-8500 from users. With those information, we summarize a lot of idea to improve the new model. We are not trying to put everything into it, but the useful ones, the easy ones.

Finally, we got this one, that's it, TM-8511.